Climate Change

Australia needs a Federal Government that takes action on climate change seriously. Not one that views it as a political problem to fix.

A Labor Government would drive down emissions by:

Joining the rest of the world in committing Australia to net zero emissions by 2050, with a reduction of 43% by 2030, and legislating the target.

Creating tens of thousands of jobs and apprenticeships in renewable energy production.

Connecting regional renewable energy projects to the national grid.

Making electric vehicles cheaper for Australian consumers.

Building 400 community batteries and 85 solar banks to connect more Australian households to renewable energy.

Ensuring the APS reaches net-zero by 2030, setting an example for the rest of the country.

Using the Safeguard Mechanism to drive down emissions from the biggest polluters.

Investing in agricultural solutions and carbon farming.

Establish a real-world vehicle fuel testing program to inform consumer choice.


Under Labor's Powering Australia plan, power prices will fall, 600,000 jobs will be created and emissions will plummet. Labor will ensure that Australia becomes a renewable energy superpower. 


You can see the details of these plans below. In the lead up to the next election more policies will be announced and this page will be updated.