Trust in Democracy - 24/08/2020

24 August 2020



I rise today to talk about trust in democracy. According to research from the University of Canberra's Institute for Governance and Policy Analysis, the level of satisfaction with democracy has decreased steadily under this government—to a low of just 41 per cent in 2018 under Malcolm Turnbull. The research hasn't been done for the last two years of the Morrison government, but I shudder to think how low that level would be now, with the Prime Minister's inability to take responsibility for seemingly anything. What are you doing to stem the rate of infections and deaths in aged care, Mr Prime Minister? 'Not my responsibility.' What are you doing to protect people with disability and disability workers? 'Not my responsibility,' says the Prime Minister. The 18,000 Australian stuck overseas? 'Not my responsibility.' How are you responding to the bushfires, Mr Prime Minister? 'I don't hold the hose, mate.'

It was incredibly concerning to see last night on 60 Minutes influential Liberal Party members knee-deep in branch-stacking and making disgraceful comments about women, Aboriginal Australians and Australians of Indian descent. And it makes me even more concerned about what people think about the people here in this place and what we are doing for them.

To the government and Prime Minister: every time you dodge responsibility or fail to act on issues that are clearly within your jurisdiction or put your sexist and racist views on display, you are letting the Australian people down, and you must do better. (Time expired)