Win News Interview - Response to Canberra Slamming




A war of words has erupted over the AIS after a federal review ruled out a billion dollar move to the Sunshine State, the Queensland premier slamming the decision declaring Canberra an awful place to live.

They might be known as the Sunshine State, but the Queensland premier was less than glowing about the AIS staying in the capital.

Well, I think everything should move from Canberra to Brisbane. Canberra is an awful place who'd want to go to Canberra.

A federal government review recently ruled out a billion dollar move ahead of the 2032 Olympics. Stephen Miles sledging the territory after former AIS executives reignited the debate earlier this week.

Queenslanders does make up the bulk of our Olympics team and our Paralympics teams. Queenslanders outperform all of the other states. Whenever I talk to athletes, they would prefer to be training here in Queensland, then in Canberra, and I don't blame them, I hate going to Canberra too.

Local MP Alicia Payne defending her hometown, slamming the constant Canberra bashing around the country.

We are the only city or town in Australia where a politician can get away with putting the boot into or even more so get political points for and it needs to stop.

Recently chairing a federal inquiry into promoting the significance of the nation's capital. Payne will soon hand down the committee's report with recommendations to make Aussie's proud of the ACT.

When people make comments like that it really undermines all of this good work.

People on the streets of Canberra proving home is where the heart is.

Well has he been here? It's absolutely fabulous here. Obviously hasn't lived here. One is holiday place, one is home. Queensland's good for a holiday in winter, but much much better to live in Canberra.

Georgie Burgess Win News