Prime Minister, Minister Ley and Minister Littleproud

27 November 2020

Dear Prime Minister, Minister Ley and Minister Littleproud,

I write regarding the proposal of over 70 community organisations, including Landcare, the National Farmers Federation, NRM Regions Australia and others, to support communities grappling the with the impacts of COVID-19 through the provision of employment opportunities on sustainability and environment projects. I have been contacted by several local community groups and many constituents who have requested that I convey my support for this proposal to you.

As I’m sure you are aware the detailed proposal put forward by these groups seeks to provide people who have suffered unemployment as a result of the COVID crisis a chance at meaningful work. The idea is that they might be temporarily employed in roles improving our local environments.

I note the proposal cites research from Ernst and Young which suggests such a program might generate 53,000 jobs and increase economic output by $5.7 billion.

I also note that similar programs have been developed in New Zealand and the United States.

I believe that the implementation of this plan would be a fantastic investment in our natural environment, in our economy, and in securing good, well-paying jobs for thousands who have had their lives interrupted by the pandemic.

I hope you might agree and implement such a program.


Kind regards,


Alicia Payne MP

Member for Canberra