Minister Littleproud - Live Exports

09 September 2020

Dear Minister Littleproud,

I write regarding live animal exports. I receive a significant amount of correspondence from my constituents raising concern about the treatment of animals in this industry, and I share their deep concern. 

My constituents are concerned about the conditions experienced by Australian animals that are exported live to other parts of the world. The unanimous view of this group is that there is no way of exporting livestock in a humane way and that it must stop. Many make the point that the conditions the animals are subjected to on board the export ships, as well as in their destination countries would not be tolerated if the animal was treated that way in Australia. It is clear from media reporting on the issue that this is often true. In addition to concerns about animal welfare, many constituents also make the point that the environmental impact of transporting animals long distances by road and sea further increases the already substantial carbon emissions associated with the production of livestock.

Following the tragic sinking of a ship carrying 43 crew and 6,000 animals off the coast of Japan on Wednesday 2 September 2020, I urge you on behalf of my constituents to reconsider Australia's live export industry and make moves to cease Australia's international livestock trade. As you would be aware, New Zealand has suspended their livestock trade for breeding and has not exported livestock for slaughter since 2016. I appreciate that this will be a significant change for many livestock producers but surely support to aid their adjustment could be considered. It is clear to me that an increasing number of Australians want change and I urge you to consider this please.




Alicia Payne

Member for Canberra