2019 - Local Schools Community Fund

Alicia looking at a metalwork piece designed and built by a Lyneham High School student


2019 - Local Schools Community Fund 

Below is a list of successful grants in the 2019/20 round of Local Schools Community funding for schools across Canberra that I was pleased to have been able to assist with their applications.

Congratulations to all the successful recipients and I want to acknowledge the incredible work they do in educating and supporting our young community members.





Lyneham High School

Design and Technology workshop upgrade- The Local Schools Community Fund will help Lyneham High School equip a Design and Technology workshop with much needed resources.

The Design and Technology space, as well as its associated resources, will help facilitate project-based learning and help foster creative thinking in Lyneham's design students. This space will help create a hub in which students will be able to engage with each other and the wider community.


Alfred Deakin High School

Open kitchen-funding secured by Alfred Deakin High School will enable the construction of a small kitchenette area for the preparation of meals for disability students. The open kitchen will provide a pedagogical tool for students to develop life skills.


The Woden School

Laser engraver purchase for STEM program-the purchase of this equipment will facilitate creative thinking, build a sense of pride in students and provide a valuable opportunity for students to showcase their design skills.


Campbell High School

Construction of outdoor learning space-this space will include a sensory garden and yarning circle to cater for all students. The sensory garden will meet the needs of students with disabilities and those affected by trauma. The yarning circle is designed for Indigenous students and will foster cultural awareness. This outdoor learning space is part of a positive mental health strategy designed to reduce pressure on mental health resources in the school and community.


Belconnen High School

Development of sound and lighting project-this will involve the installation of digital equipment as well as lighting and sound features. The project will enable the school to expand their performing arts facilities and provide an event venue for the wider community as well.


North Ainslie Primary School

Construction of outdoor classroom-the classroom will be used to help students understand that learning is dynamic, flexible and inclusive. The classroom will also be used during recess and lunch as well as during after-school care, representing great value for public money as well as a major benefit to the broader school community.


University of Canberra High School Kaleen

Master planning for UCHSK facility- This project aims at providing development of the school’s infrastructure and capital works. UCHSK received advice and direction on developments to support the projected growth in students as they near 85% threshold capacity. Enrolment data shows that UCHSK is becoming a school of choice for the community, driving a need for future planning on how to expand their school campus.


Macquarie Primary School

Construction of adventure playground- this project is an adventure play zone that features challenging climbing and balancing activities and a wide variety of sensory spaces for students to play and learn in.

This ties in with the school’s strategic priority of improving student wellbeing and learning, raising school pride and creating a sense of belonging for the community. With 43% of Macquarie Primary School (MPS) students have a language background other than English, the adventure playground helps facilitate non-pressured social play, intercultural communication and positive communication among students in a safe, relaxed environment.


Curtin Primary School

Construction of sensory calming space for senior primary students-this project is in direct response to meeting the increased social and mental health needs of the school’s senior cohort. The senior breakout and play area will create a safe and nurturing area where students can go to relax.


Black Mountain School

Refurbishment of Six Degrees Garden Centre-this will create a teaching and work education space for students with disability at Black Mountain School. It will bring this space in line with horticulture industry practice and create greater disability access.

The project entails a new irrigation manifold, 4 stations, automatic controller, a new shade structure high enough for truck access to the compost area, paving and installation of plant stands and vegetable beds.


Makara School

Minor school refurbishments- the proposed refurbishments include; the removal of existing asbestos in the floor; installation of a shopfront window for easy wheelchair access; installation of dividing wall and doorway to create much-needed storage for therapy equipment; and the installation of joinery and kitchen equipment to create a purpose-built kitchen classroom for students with disabilities.


Aranda Primary School

Construction of sensory garden-this project will engage students’ senses and provide a mental wellbeing retreat in a controlled and relaxing setting.


Merici College

Small scale extension and refurbishment of classroom amenities-this project will include the installation of Thinsulate Window Film – Climate Control 75. This window film keeps the classrooms cool and workable, where often in warmer months they cannot be used due to the heat. This project will also help keep Merici’s cooling costs down and represents an investment in climate friendly and sustainable infrastructure.


St Vincent Primary School

Upgrade to playground and outdoor facilities-the project will include the installation of 5 new tables with seating, a sensory garden and the construction of a fence, on the Bindel Street side of the school. These upgrades will ensure the well-being and safety of all who use the school's outdoor facilities.


Holy Trinity Primary School

Refurbishment of school facilities- this project will include a new amphitheatre for outside learning, hopscotch and seats for students, a creek bed for water play, sensory Walk poles, steppingstones and an area levelled for artificial turf to be laid.  The refurbishment will ensure kids have a stimulating and relaxing outdoor space to deepen their learning.


Emmaus Christian School

Replacement of playground equipment- to replace the Spider net, an integral part of developing students’ climbing skills to develop their motor skills and encourage the release of excess energy. The Spider net is also available to the public for use outside school hours.